College Ministry

The college years are an exciting time of life. Whether you are a recent high school graduate, an enrolled college student, or a recent college graduate, one of the best ways to maximize your opportunities is by getting involved in a local church. Cornerstone would love it if you journey with us to impact our community. We would love for you to call Cornerstone your home-away-from-home and get involved! Here are some opportunities:

  • Life Group – More than a Bible Study, our life group facilitates deep connections to other believers and an environment to “do life” together. The college life group meets Sundays from 8-9:45 PM at Steve and Liz’s home right next to the UW-L campus.
  • Ministry Opportunities – One of the best ways to grow spiritually is to use your unique God-given gifts in a ministry that allows you to fulfill the call that He has placed on your life. We invite you to explore out the many opportunities we have.

To connect, fill out the form below, email Steve Arnold, Ministry Leader at: or call 608-385-1231.

Vision Statement

To encourage and stimulate growth in Christ through the multigenerational local church.

Steve has led the College Ministry with the help of his lovely wife Liz for several years. They purchased a house right next to the UW-La Crosse campus for the purpose of engaging with students. They would love to meet college students from any of the campuses, as well as those who are college-aged but not enrolled.

I keep coming back to Cornerstone because it has connected me with a close knit group of believers who have challenged me to grow in my faith and encourage others to do the same. I also like how Ben communicates the Bible to the congregation and how Max engages us in a powerful worship time.
I like the accountability from Life Group. Each week we discuss the Bible readings in depth so I not only feel impacted by the readings once when reading on my own, but several times throughout the week. I feel myself growing in my faith both individually and with the others in the Life Group each time I go. It has had a tremendous impact on my walk with God, and the group has supported me both in La Crosse and abroad (while in France).
I feel welcome at Cornerstone. In addition to the Life Group, I decided to serve in the children’s ministry (KidZone) on Sundays because I like helping little kids learn about God.
I’d been in La Crosse two years before I came to Cornerstone. I’d never felt at home at a church here before Cornerstone and I think it’s the amazing people and sense of community that keeps me coming back. Taking the step to be in the Life Group made a huge difference. At Life Group I know that no matter how good or bad of a week I’ve had, I can show up Sunday night and be plugged into the most loving people around. Steve and Liz lead in amazing way of providing guidance while also being real, vulnerable, and every bit as human as the students.